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Ray Stedman
Ray Stedman was pastor of Peninsula Bible Church in Palo Alto, California for 40 years until his retirement in 1990. He had preached more than 800 sermons at PBC and authored 28 books. Pastor Stedman went home to the Lord in 1992.
Available Audio or Video

Panorama of the Scriptures (1963-64)

Adventuring Through The Bible (1964-68)

Foundational Pillars of Faith

Prayers of the Old Testament (1980-81)

A Series on Genesis (1967-68)

Life of Abraham: Man of Faith (1985)

Studies in Leviticus (1971-72)

The Book of Nehemiah (1989)

Studies in Esther (1963)

Esther - CB Conference (1981)

Behind Suffering: Messages from the book of Job (1977)

Folksongs of Faith: Psalms (1969-70)

Messages from the book of Ecclesiastes (1982)

Studies in Isaiah (1985-86)

Studies in Jeremiah (1974)

Studies in Daniel (1969)

Behind the Scenes of History, Matthew 13 (1971)

The Gospel of Mark (1974-75)

Treasures of the Parables (1969)

Secrets of the Spirit, John 13-17 (1973)

Messages from the book of John (1983-85)

Studies in Acts (1970-71)

Studies in Acts Conference (1981)

Acts - CB Conference (1981)

From Guilt to Glory: Expository Studies in Romans (1975-77)

Romans: God's Strategy for Change (1979)

Romans: 1983 Couple's Conference

Romans: 1989 Conference

Video Lectures on Romans

Audio Lectures on Romans

Paul's First Epistle to the Corinthians (1978-79)

First Corinthians (1959-60)

Paul's Second Epistle to the Corinthians (1979-80)

The Battle of Life: 2 Cor 10 (1968)

2nd Corinthians Studies (1985)

Studies in Ephesians (1965-66, 1972)

Ephesians Conference (1991)

Colossians Conference (1979)

Studies in Colossians (1986-87)

Colossians Conference (1987)

The Colossian Connection (1988)

Studies in First Thessalonians (1987-88)

Studies in Second Thessalonians (1988)

Studies in 1 Timothy (1981)

Studies in 2nd Timothy (1982)

The Role of the Pastor in the Church

Video Series on Preaching (1981)

The Epistle To The Hebrews (1965)

Studies in First John (1966-67)

A Series on First John 1:1-2:17 (1980)

The Book of Revelation (1989-90)

Video Lectures on Revelation (1991)

Audio Lectures on Revelation (1991)

Gems of Theology and Wisdom (1956-92)

Understanding the Times: Biblical Prophecy (1983)

Guidelines for the Home (1973)

The Christian and Moral Conditions (1965)

The Early Years

Video/Audio on Growing Old (1991)


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