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How to Copy the BLB CD to Your Hard Drive

This tutorial will guide you step-by-step in the process of how to copy the Blue Letter Bible CD to your hard drive. There are two main advantages for having the Blue Letter Bible run from your hard drive: (1) It will keep your CD-ROM drive available for other software CD-ROMs or music, (2) the Blue Letter Bible will run quicker from your hard drive than from a CD-ROM drive. The following instructions apply to computers running the Microsoft Windows operating system.

1. Before copying the BLB CD onto your hard drive, it is necessary that you have enough space on your hard drive. You need to have about 650 MB of available hard disk space. To determine how much space you have available on your hard drive follow these steps: Go the the Desktop and Double Click on "My Computer."

2. After the "My Computer" window opens, right click on the hard drive to which you want to copy the BLB CD. Once the drop-down menu appears, click on "Properties."

3. When the hard drive "Properties" window appears you will notice that it shows the hard drive's capacity (including used and available space) in the form of text and in the form of a pie chart. Find the "Free space" section and determine whether there is AT LEAST 650MB available (1GB = 1024MB; 1MB = 1024KB; 1KB = 1024 bytes). If you have the available space then advance to the next step. If you do not have the available space then do not proceed with this tutorial, but continue to run the BLB CD from the CD-ROM drive.

4. Go to the Start Menu and click " Start" then go to "Programs" and find "Windows Explorer" and click on it.

If you cannot find "Windows Explorer" in your Start Menu click on " Start" then go to "Run." Paste the following string into the text box and click "Enter": C:\WINDOWS\EXPLORER.EXE)

5. In Windows Explorer go to the hard drive to which you want to copy the BLB CD and right click within some white space in that directory. Within the drop-down menu click on "New" and then on "Folder."

6. Name this new folder "blb_cd."

7. Go to the CD-ROM and select all of the files therein by dragging your arrow over the files.

8. Drag all of the selected files into the new folder called "blb_cd" that you created on the hard drive. By doing this you are copying the files onto your hard drive.

9. Because both the size and amount of files on the BLB CD the copying process may take a while.

10. Once all of the files have been copied to the hard drive, right click on the file called "Setup.exe" (it might show up as just "Setup" without the extension if your computer is configured not to view filename extensions). When the drop-down menu appears after right clicking "Setup.exe," click on "Send To" then click on "Desktop (create shortcut)." By doing this you are making a shortcut (or link) to the BLB CD from your Desktop so that it is easily accessible.

11. Click on the shortcut called "Shortcut to Setup.exe" with the Blue Letter Bible Icon to begin using the Blue Letter Bible from your hard drive.


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