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Welcome and Statement of Intent

Welcome. The Blue Letter Bible has developed a CD version of the website. The Blue Letter Bible CD is an internet-free, Web browser based, Bible study system designed to help you study God’s Word more easily in order that you might minister His love more effectively. If you are familiar with our website (, then you should be right at home with the BLB CD. The intent of the BLB CD is to provide tools for anyone using either a PC, Mac, or Linux computer. Though not a substitute for the more robust experience of the BLB website, the CD may be ideal for those ministering in the faith when disconnected from the Internet. Due to space limitations and copyright restrictions, this CD contains only a subset of the materials that are available on the website.

Differences from the Website
  • Excludes the modern Bible translations available on the website (e.g., the NKJV, the NASB, the ESV, the NIV, and the NLT)
  • Excludes over 500 audio/video commentary series
  • Excludes Vine’s Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words
  • Excludes the Daily Promises devotional
  • Excludes the Daily Bible Reading Program
  • Excludes the Thayer’s and Gesenius’s lexicon facsimiles
  • Excludes the Multi-verse search
  • Excludes the LexiConc search
  • Excludes the Search Feature of the Chuck Smith commentaries
Features on CD
  • Word and phrase search tools
  • 8 Bible versions available
  • Greek and Hebrew language tools
  • Lexicon entries organized by Strong's number
  • 8 biblical reference tools (with 5 tied directly to Scripture)
  • Text commentaries for every passage
  • Chuck Smith's study guides, sermon notes, and C2000 series
  • Study tools, images, maps, FAQ's, and more
  • Nearly a thousand articles by Don Stewart answering questions asked frequently about Christianity
  • 2 daily devotional readings
System Recommendations:

For Windows 98/ME/XP/Vista:

  • Internet Explorer 5.5+ or
  • Mozilla 1.0 compatible browser such as Firefox

For Mac OS X:

  • Safari browser or
  • Firefox browser

For LINUX (Red Hat, Ubuntu, etc)

  • Mozilla 1.0 compatible browser such as Firefox
How to Order a CD

For individuals, one copy of the CD is made available. We ask that you pray to the Lord as to how you might participate in the ministry of the CD distribution. If you do not have the resources to make a donation, we will still provide one to you at no cost. However, it is not "free." Someone is paying for the manufacturing, shipping, and handling.

You may request a CD by clicking online ordering.

You may also request a CD by sending an email to
Please include the following information:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Ministry Name (if applicable)
  • Address (Street Address, P.O. Box, c/o)
  • Address (Apartment, Suite, Unit, Building, Floor, etc.)
  • City
  • State/Province/Region
  • ZIP/Postal Code
  • Country
  • Email Address

For church groups, mission organizations and the like, up to ten copies of the CD are made available. As with the individual, we ask that you seek the Lord as to your organization's participation in our ministry efforts. If the organization does not have the resources to make a donation, we will still provide up to ten CDs at no cost to your organization.

For groups who desire more than ten copies, we ask that they participate in the ministry effort by making a donation in an amount at least equal to the actual costs of manufacturing and shipping the CDs. Any donation in excess of that amount goes to provide CDs to those who cannot afford to pay as previously mentioned. To request a special order please contact us at:

Can I Copy the CD and Give It Away?

The Blue Letter Bible CD contains copyrighted material that was provided to Blue Letter Bible under certain agreements. Those agreements prohibit the copying of the CD except by Blue Letter Bible. "Why," you ask?

It has to do with the integrity of the content. First, we need to make sure that nothing is added to or taken away from the content of the CD. For example, we would not want a cult to add their own "flavor" to it and have it distributed as a Blue Letter Bible CD. Second, we need to insure that any corrections to the CD content are made and correctly shown in CDs provided from that point in time. Consequently, we cannot approve the copying of the CD by other persons or organizations, without a special licensing agreement. And then, it generally does not make sense to do so since the pricing we can provide is far better than most can achieve on their own.

Can I Copy the CD to My Hard Drive or Network?

Yes! There are special instructions on the CD in the Help section telling one how to copy the CD to their hard drive, whether locally or network based. We encourage churches and other organizations to copy the CD to the hard drive as it will perform quicker, and your entire organization will have access to the study tools.


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