How to Use the Dictionaries

1. Not only does the Blue Letter Bible allow one to search for instances of a particular word in Scripture, but one can also see if a particular word has an entry in our theological dictionaries and topical concordances. The first step to using this tool is to run a single-word search for the desired word. The Bible Search is located both on our homepage and in the Search the Bible box in the right-side navigational menu on every page of the site. Simply enter the word for which you are searching and hit the Search button.

2. Under the heading, Dictionary Results, you'll find a drop-down menu of results that match your serach terms to our compiled reference material. Click on this menu to reveal your available choices.

3. Scroll through the ,list of entries to find one that interests you. Click on that entry to select it. You'll notice that each entry title is followed by a letter or letters in square brackets (like {E,I,N,S] in the below example.

The abbreviations refer to the reference sources that are attacthed to each antry. The meanings of these abbreviations are as follows:

  • E — Easton's Dictionary
  • I — International Standard Bible Encyclopedia
  • N — Nave's Topical
  • S — Subject Guide
  • T — Torrey's Topical
  • V — Vine's Dictionary
  • H — Hitchcock's Dictionary
So, in the above example (Love [E,I,N,S]), we have reference entries matching the term "love" in Easton's, the ISBE, Nave's Topical, and the Thematic Subject Guide.

4. Now simply click "View Entry" button to be taken to the information you have selected.


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