How to Find Commentaries
( How to Use the L-Button )

1. To select a commentary on any passage of Scripture, first go to that portion of Scripture in the Blue Letter Bible (the easiest means to this end is to search out the verse from our home page).

2. Once on the page with the desired passage, you will notice that each verse of Scripture is prefaced by an assortment of buttons (generally , , , , , and/or ). The button is for a listing of available commentaries (hence the "L" for "listing"). Click on the button as illustrated below.

3. This will bring you to a page identical to the former with the exception of a drop-down menu immediately below the selected verse (see image below). Inside the first cell of the menu will be the phrase "Choose Commentary for" followed by the selected verse reference (in the case below, this is "Gen 1:4").

4. If you click directly on the menu or the down arrow , a list of commentary choices will appear. Choose one of these by clicking on it (as illustrated below) — the name of the chosen commentary will then replace the "Choose Commentary for..." text in the head of the drop-down menu.

5. Now you need only click on the button to be simply whisked to the text, audio, or video commentary you have selected.


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