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1. Frequently the question arises after a search has been made, "How do I see the rest of the verses?" Following is a brief tutorial explaining how to navigate to further sections of one's search results. We'll start out with a word search for "Jesus" from the start page (

2. On the results page, we can see that there are 983 references to "Jesus"; this is a lot to display on one page.

3. So, you'll see if you scroll to the bottom of the results, we have divided the content onto 38 separate pages.Immediately below the title "Continued Search Results, you'll find links to each of these 38 pages of verses contain the word "Jesus." The number of the page is followed immediately by the verse range in which the reference falls; for example, all the references on page five (5) occur between Matthew 19:21 and Matthew 22:41.


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