Accessing Reading Versions of Different Translations

1. While the tools attached to each verse are helpful, it is sometimes important to be able to read and print passages contextually—as they appear in other translations of Scripture. To understand how to utilize this feature of the Blue Leter Bible, first we enter a verse reference in the search tool on our home page and then we simply click our mouse cursor on the Search button as shown below.

2. At the top of the right-side navigation bar on any Bible page, you'll note a drop-down menu entitled Read / Print.

3. This simple drop-down menu allows you to select from among the available translations so that you might easily read the Scriptures in the version you prefer.

And finalize your choice by clicking the Go-Arrow Button.

4. A new window appears and displays the text of your selected passage (as well as a couple options to tailor your experience).

* note: as this page is designed to be printed as well as read, so certain things, while appearing on the webpage, will not print. These include version logos, web navigation (such and the Prior Chapter and Next Chapter links), and any special buttons.

5. There are a few special buttons that may appear on this page that are meant to enrich the way the text is experienced. The first of these allows you to see Christ's words either in red or in standard black. The words of Christ are black by default.

The next button allows you to format the manner by which the verses within the chapter are formatted - either by verse or by paragraph. While some complain that paragraphing is in poor taste as the paragraph divisions were developed by man's wisdom, the same holds true for verse divisions as well. So in the end, we allow you to to read the selected passage in the manner most comfortable to you.

Finally, if the verse of Scripture you're looking at is available in MP3 audio, there will be a button allowing you to begin listening to the passage.


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