How to Select a Verse

Because the focus of the Blue Letter Bible is on Scripture and its authority over all aspects of Christianity, we want you to be able to find the verse you're looking for even from the first page. To this end, every page of our site features the means to look up passages of Scripture.

The Home Page

First, visit our homepage at In the middle column of that page, you should see a a box with the title, New Bible Search. Inside that box you will find our primary search tool.

This tool is comprised of two search fields and a submit button. The first input field (the one immediately below the links to help, abbreviation, and droplist) begins as blank and is where you may type the reference for the passage of Scripture that you wish to view.

Enter your verse reference into the first field

The usual method for inputting a passage of Scripture is to type in a book name, followed by the chapter number, a colon, and then verse number. All of this information is not always necessary. Personally, I rarely type in the colon and verse number, preferring instead to simply begin at the beginning of a chapter and scroll my way down to the verse I'm looking for.

Additionally, one does not necessarily have to type in the whole book name to get to a desired book. Our search tool is happy to take acceptable abbreviations. So, if I was hoping to read Paul's second letter to the church at Thessalonica, I could simply use 2th to get there instead of having to type 2 Thessalonians. So then, if I wanted to read 2 Thessalonians 3, I could use any of the following search terms to get to the same place:

2 Thessalonians 3
2 Thess 3
2th 3
2Thes 3:1

Alternatively, for those who prefer point-and-click navigation to find Scripture references, we have you covered. Even more, we determined to make it more friendly to those who suffer handicaps that make typing difficult. You should notice immediately above the search box, the term (abbreviations). Simply click on this to bring up a menu with all the books of the Bible (as well as numerals 0-9 and a colon)—from which you may click to enter your entire Scripture reference.

Click on 'abbreviations' for a clickable verse selection aid

After having entered the desired Scripture reference, you may choose the translation in which you wish to read the passage. The second field is a drop-down menu featuring all the available Scripture translations. The translation you choose is the translation in which we'll provide the text. If you choose a translation other than the KJV, however, you will be directed to our Reading Version of the Scriptures rather than the default Study Version. This is because currently, only the KJV is attached to all of our study tools (this may change in the near future).

Use the second field to select a translation

The final step is to click on the submission button that says Start. This will begin the processing of your request and it should be only a moment before you are taken to your chosen passage.

From Right NavBar

Nearly every page on the BLB features our right-side navigational bar. This menu provides many helpful links and tools for Bible study. In this navigational bar, you'll notice a section called Search the Bible. The search tool featured here behaves identically to the one on the home page svae for the absence of the abbreviations tool. Just enter the verse reference, choose a translation, and click the go-arrow.

Use the right navigation's search tool the same way you would the main page's tool


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