How to View Alternate Versions
( How to Use the V-Button )

1. To select a commentary on any passage of Scripture, first go to that portion of Scripture in the Blue Letter Bible (the easiest means to this end is to search out the verse from our home page).

2. Once on the page with the desired passage, you will notice that each verse of Scripture is prefaced by an assortment of buttons (generally , , , , , and/or ). The button will bring up a variety of translations for the selected verse (hence the "V" for "Versions"). Click on the button as illustrated below.

3. This action will call up a page identical to the former with the sole addition of the table pictured below. This table contains several alternative translations of the selected verse.

4. Here are the versions we currently have available:

  • NLT — New Living Translation (1996)
  • NKJV — New King James Version (1982)
  • NASB — New American Standard Bible (1995)
  • RSV — Revised Standard Version (1947,1952)
  • Webster — Noah Webster Version (1883)
  • Young — Robert Young Literal Translation (1862, 1887, 1898)
  • Darby — J.N. Darby Translation (1890)
  • ASV — American Standard Version (1901)
  • HNV — Hebrew Names Version (2000)
  • Vulgate — Jerome's Latin Vulgate (A.D. 405)

5. We plan to add more versions soon, and hope, as well, to make some of these other versions searchable (as is the King James Version currently).


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