How to Use the Word/Phrase Search

1. The Blue Letter Bible allows its users to search for words, phrases, and parts of words. The first step to using this tool is to find it. The Word/Phrase search is located on our homepage at It is located just below the Verse Selection tool and is labelled "Phrase Search/Concordance" (as seen below).

2. Next there are three main ways to search using this tool. The first of these ways is to to simply input the words for which you are looking (up to five). In this case, we'll type "Jesus faith love." Now we hit the Search Button.

3. This will bring up a chart showing all the different combinations of the selected words. In the example we're using, .

4. Clicking on this first chain of words, "Jesus," "faith," and "love," or the "8 verses below" will bring you to a listing of the eight verses in the King James Version that contain all three of these words.

5. Clicking on the word "faith" here, will take you to a listing of all 231 verses in which the word "faith" appears in the King James Version and will also allow you to browse through the various theological dictionary and lexicon entries for the word.

6. Just below this table of permutations, you will find a list of all the verses that contain every word that you submitted in your original search.

7. The second way to search is to hunt for exact phrases in Scripture. In the below example, the phrase searched is "God of my Salvation." Now simply hit the search button.

8. Below the permutations table, you will find that rather than merely listing the verses in which the four words appear, you are first given the seven verses in which the four words appear in the exact order you specified in your original request (followed by the inexact matches like in the first example).

9. The third way to search for a desired word is to search for the first portion of a word by using and asterisk (*) as illustrated below. This becomes useful if you are not certain of the the suffix or final spelling of a word.

10. As you can see there are seventeen (17) verses in the King James Version that contain words that start with "believ" and "ever."

11. Immediately below the table of permutations is a list of different words that match your search. In this case, "believe," "believed," "believers," "believest," "believeth," and "believing" are all matches for "believ*." And for the word search "ever*," you will get "ever," "everlasting," "evermore," and "every."

12. And "believeth every" is included in your exact match catagory, so this can be a very helpful tool.


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