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Above, we have organized all the Blue Letter Bible Images / Maps around Biblical Themes or Portions of the Bible. We hope you will enjoy browsing through our Image Library. Feel free to download images for your personal use, and for Bible Study distribution in paper copy form.

Each Image or Map is linked to the Bible, and is also linked, through various keywords for each map or illustration, to our Word Search. As well, these images are linked from the Bible using the button. This allows you the reader to enjoy appropriate maps / illustrations while studying many Bible verses.

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We are in the process of scanning in lots more images! Please pray for our scanning volunteers!

Special Note

It is not our intention to stumble anybody through the old-fashioned imagery of the deity of God used in these image archives. The images are here in order to provide visual insight into the situation of the various events portrayed by biblical accounts. By no means are these images meant to accurately portray the appearance of God or to limit Him in anyway. At best, images are limited in that they cannot adequately portray God's infinite nature; and images of the persons within the Godhead might often impose a personality upon God which is more the creation of the artist's subjective experience than a reflection of honest reality. These images should not be worshipped or used in the practice of worship. They merely stand as visual representations in order to describe a biblical event in the same manner that an illustrated children's Bible seeks to obtain that very goal.


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