Prophetic Warnings and Promises of Our Lord
Where Uttered The Warning or Promise Where Recorded
Jerusalem—Temple He foretells His Resurrection within Three Days after burial Jhn 2:19-21
Jerusalem His Crucifixion, and its Glorious Object and Result—referring to the Mosaic Type Jhn 3:14-16
Sychar, in Samaria The Substitution of the New for the Old Dispensation Jhn 4:21-24
Jerusalem—Temple The General Resurrection of the Dead Jhn 5:25-29
Cana The Rejection of the Jews and Acceptance of Gentiles Mat 8:11, 12; see Luk 13:23-30
Nain The Destruction of Capernaum, Chorazin and Bethsaida Mat 11:20-24; see Luk 10:13-15
Sea of Galilee The Great Judgment Mat 13:30, 40-43, 49, 50
Capernaum The Persecutions that should Harass them, with Promise of Deliverance and of final Glory Mat 10:16-39
Capernaum His Flesh to be the Food of His People, with Promise of Resurrection and Eternal Life Jhn 6:39, 40, 54-58
Capernaum One of the Twelve a Devil Jhn 6:70, 71
Region of Caesarea Philippi His Sufferings, Rejection, Death, and Resurrection Mat 16:21; Mar 8:31; Luk 9:22
Region of Caesarea Philippi His Coming in Glory to Reward every Man according to his Works Mat 16:27; Mar 8:38; Luk 9:26
Region of Caesarea Philippi The Establishment of His Church Mar 9:1; Luk 9:27
Jerusalem His Ascension Jhn 7:34
Jerusalem The Gift of the Holy Spirit Jhn 7:37-39
Capernaum The Judgment of Capernaum, Chorazin and Bethsaida Luk 10:13-15; see Mat 11:20-24
Galilee The Salvation of Gentiles and Rejection of many Jews Luk 13:23-30; see Mat 8:11, 12
Galilee The Destruction of Jerusalem Luk 13:35
Near Scythopolis His Second Coming to be Sudden, and His Disciples' Sufferings before it Luk 17:22-36; see Mat 24:27-44
Jerusalem The Apostles to be Peculiarly Blessed at the Second Coming Mat 19:28
Jerusalem The Utter and Total Destruction of Jerusalem Luk 19:41-44; see Mat 23:34-39
Jerusalem The Manner of His Death, and its Great Object and Result Jhn 12:32, 33
Jerusalem—Temple The Kingdom to be taken from the Jews and given to "a nation bringing forth fruits thereof" Mat 21:43
Mount of Olives The Destruction of the Temple Mat 24:1, 2; Mar 13:1, 2; Luk 21:5, 6
Mount of Olives The Coming of False Christs; Commotions and Wars among the Nations, and Active Persecution of the Church Mat 24:4-25; Mar 13:5-23
Mount of Olives The Second Coming and its Signs Mat 24:27-44; Mar 13:24-37; Luk 21:25-36; see Luk 17:22-36
Mount of Olives The Judgment Mat 25:31-46
Jerusalem The Betrayer Pointed Out Jhn 13:18-29; Mat 26:21-25; Mar 14:18-21
Jerusalem—Upper Chamber Peter's Denial (two warnings) Jhn 13:38 and Luk 22:34
Jerusalem—Upper Chamber The Holy Spirit (several prophecies) Jhn 14:16, 17, 26; 15:26, 27; 16:7-14
Jerusalem—Upper Chamber His Ascension Jhn 16:28
Jerusalem—Upper Chamber Their Forsaking Him Jhn 16:32
Jerusalem His Sitting on the Right Hand of Power and Coming in the Clouds of Heaven Mat 26:64; Mar 14:62
On the way to Calvary The Desolation of Jerusalem Luk 23:27-31
Calvary Today shalt thou be with Me in Paradise Luk 23:43
Garden of Joseph His Ascension Jhn 20:17
Sea of Galilee Peter's Crucifixion Jhn 21:18, 19
Jerusalem The Sending of the Holy Spirit Luk 24:49; Act 1:4-8
Bethany The Signs that should Follow the Gift of the Holy Spirit Mar 16:17, 18

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