Parables Recorded in the Old Testament
Parable Spoken At Recorded In
Of Balaam—Concerning the Moabites and Israelites.Mount PisgabNum 23:24
Jotham—Trees making a king.Mount GerizimJdg 9:7-15
Samson—Strong bringing forth sweetness.TimnathJdg 14:14
Nathan—Poor man's ewe lamb.Jerusalem2Sa 12:1-4
Woman of Tekoah—Two brothers striving.Jerusalem2Sa 14:1
The Smitten Prophet—The escaped prisoner.Near Samaria1Ki 20:35-40
Jehoash, King of Israel—The thistle and cedar.Jerusalem2Ki 14:9
Isaiah—Vineyard yielding wild grapes.JerusalemIsa 5:1-6
Ezekiel—Lion's whelps.BabylonEze 14:2-9
    The boiling pot.BabylonEze 24:3-5
    The great eagles and the wine.BabylonEze 17:3-10

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