Miracles Recorded in the Old Testament
Aaron's rod changedEgyptExd 7:10-12
Waters made bloodEgyptExd 7:20-25
Frogs producedEgyptExd 8:5-14
LiceEgyptExd 8:16-18
FliesEgyptExd 8:20-24
MurrainEgyptExd 10:3-6
BoilsEgyptExd 10:8-11
Thunder, etc.EgyptExd 10:22-26
LocustsEgyptExd 11:12-19
DarknessEgyptExd 11:21-23
Death of the first-bornEgyptExd 12:29, 30
Red SeaEgyptExd 14:21-31
Marah's waters sweetenedEgyptExd 15:23-25
Manna sentIn the WildernessExd 16:14-35
Water from the rock RephidimRephidimExd 17:5-7
Aaron's rod buddedKadeshNum 17:1, etc.
Nadab and Abihu consumed.SinaiLev 10:1, 2
The burning of TaberahTaberethNum 11:1-3
Earthquake and FireNum 16:31-35
Water flowing from the RockDesert of ZinNum 20:7-11
Serpent healing the IsraelitesDesert of ZinNum 21:8, 9
Balaam's ass speakingPethorNum 22:21-35
The river Jordan dividedRiver JordanJos 3:14-17
Walls of Jericho fall downJerichoJos 6:6-20
Sun and moon stand stillGibeonJos 10:12-14
Water flowing from the rockEn-hakkoreJdg 15:19
Philistines slain before the arkAshdod1Sa 5:1-12
Men of Bethshemesh smittenBethshemesh1Sa 6:19
Thunder destroys PhilistinesEbenezer1Sa 7:10-12
Thunder and rain in harvestGilgal1Sa 12:18
Sound in the mulberry treesRephaim2Sa 5:23-25
Uzzah struck deadPerez-uzzah2Sa 6:7
Jeroboam's hand witheredBeth-el1Ki 13:4, 5
Widow of Zarephath's mealZarephath1Ki 17:14-16
Widow's son raisedZarephath1Ki 17:17-24
Sacrifice consumedMount Carmel1Ki 18:30-38
Rain obtainedLand of Israel1Ki 18:41-45
Ahaziah's captains consumedNear Samaria2Ki 1:10-12
River Jordan dividedRiver Jordan2Ki 2:7, 8, 14
Waters of Jericho healedJericho2Ki 2:21, 22
Water for Jehoshaphat's armyLand of Moab2Ki 3:16-20
The widow's oil multiplied2Ki 4:2-7
Shunammite's son raisedShunem2Ki 4:32-37
The deadly pottage curedGilgal2Ki 4:38-41
Hundred men fed with twenty loavesGilgal2Ki 4:42-44
Naaman cured of his leprosySamaria2Ki 5:10-14
Leprosy inflicted GehaziSamaria2Ki 5:20-27
Iron swimsRiver Jordan2Ki 6:5-7
King of Syria's army smittenDothan2Ki 6:18-20
Elisha's bones revive the dead2Ki 13:21
Sennacherib's army destroyedJerusalem2Ki 19:35
Sun goeth backJerusalem2Ki 20:9-11
Uzziah struck with leprosyJerusalem2Ch 26:16-21
Shadrach, Meshach, etc., deliveredBabylonDan 3:19-27
Daniel in the den of lionsBabylonDan 6:16-23
Jonah in the whale's bellyJon 2:1-10

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