Words of Scripture Requiring Explanation
TextCommon VersionModern Meaning
Gen 41:2KineHeifers
Exd 3:5ShoesSandals
Exd 3:22BorrowAsk
Exd 4:24InnLodging-place
Exd 5:4LetHinder
Exd 5:8TaleNumber
Exd 13:18HarnessedIn ranks
Exd 28:40BonnetsTurbans
Exd 34:15WhoringAstray
Exd 34:26SeetheBoil
Exd 34:29WishKnew
Exd 35:11TachesClasps
Exd 37:29ApothecaryPerfumer
Exd 39:23HabergeonCoat of Mail
Lev 2:1Meat-offeringsWheat-offerings
Num 1:2PollsOne by one
Deu 11:30ChampaignPlain
Deu 16:1-4CoastDistricts
Jos 6:9RerewardRear
Jos 13:25Children of AmmonAmmonites
Jos 20:3UnwittinglyUnintentionally
Jos 23:1Stricken in ageAdvanced in years
Jdg 3:24Covereth his feetReposeth
Jdg 7:10HostCamp army
Jdg 7:10FellowComrade
Jdg 14:13ShirtsSheets
Jdg 15:4FoxesJackals
Jdg 18:2Children of DanDanites
1Sa 1:15Daughter of BelialWorthless woman
1Sa 2:5SevenMany
1Sa 2:12Sons of BelialWorthless men
1Sa 2:29KickSpurn
1Sa 3:18Every whitEverything
1Sa 5:9Secret PartsInwardly
1Sa 8:12EarTill
1Sa 13:17SpoilersForagers
1Sa 13:20CoulterySpade
1Sa 17:24CarriageBaggage
1Sa 17:24SoreExceedingly, greatly
1Sa 17:39AssayedAttempted
1Sa 22:17FootmanGuard
1Sa 26:5PitchedEncamped
1Sa 26:11CruseJug
1Sa 30:13AgoneAgo
2Sa 3:12LeagueCovenant
2Sa 17:10Utterly meltBe utterly dismayed
2Sa 22:6PreventedSurrounded
1Ki 2:8CursedReviled
1Ki 3:7Go out or come inConduct affairs
1Ki 4:2PrincesChief officers
1Ki 6:18KnopsKnobs
1Ki 7:16ChapitersCapitals
1Ki 9:22Rulers of chariotsCharioteers
1Ki 10:26BestowedStationed
1Ki 11:22HowbeitNotwithstanding
1Ki 11:28ChargeImposts
1Ki 14:3CracknelsCakes
1Ki 20:12, 16PavilionsBooths
2Ki 4:43ServitorServant
2Ki 5:24TowerSecret place
2Ki 24:16CraftsmenCarpenters
1Ch 22:5MagnificalMagnificient
2Ch 26:14HabergeonsBreastplates
Job 1:1PerfectSincere
Job 1:1EschewedAvoided
Job 3:12PreventReceive
Job 9:33DaysmanUmpire
Job 41:26HabergeonJavelin
Psa 4:2LeasingFalsehood, lying
Psa 7:10PlateCrown
Psa 16:10Soul in hellBody in the grave
Psa 44:19DragonsSerpents
Psa 59:10PreventCome before--i.e., give timely aid
Psa 79:8PreventSuccor
Psa 107:3MinishedDiminished
Psa 119:148PreventAnticipate
Ecc 4:4TravailLabor
Isa 3:22WimplesShawls
Isa 3:22Crisping-pinsPurses
Isa 7:23SilverlingsPieces of silver
Isa 30:24EarTill
Isa 31:3HolpenHelped
Isa 44:9DelectableDelightful
Jer 4:30Rentest thy faceDistend thine eyes
Jer 7:23FrayScare
Jer 10:22BruitRumor
Eze 13:18Sew pillowsApply cushions
Dan 3:21HosenTurbans
Zec 13:6My fellowsUnited to me
Mat 3:12FanWinnowing-shovel
Mat 5:46PublicansTax-gatherers
Mat 6:24MammonRiches
Mat 12:29GarnishedSet in order
Mat 13:20AnonImmediately
Mat 17:12ListedChose
Mar 11:13HaplyPerhaps
Luk 2:49WishKnow
Luk 7:1AudienceHearing
Luk 12:58HaleDrag
Luk 17:9TrowThink
Act 1:2PassionSuffering
Act 7:45JesusJoshua
Act 9:26AssayedAttempted
Act 9:5PricksGoads
Act 10:42QuickLiving
Rom 1:13LetHindered
Rom 7:8ConcupiscenceEvil desires
Rom 8:13MortifyTo kill
Rom 15:11LaudCelebrate
1Cr 10:11EnsamplesExamples
1Cr 11:29UnworthyIrreverently
1Cr 11:29DamnationCondemnation
1Cr 13:1CharityLove
2Cr 1:12ConversationBehavior
2Cr 5:21SinSin-offering
2Cr 8:1Do you to witMake known to you
1Th 4:15PreventGo up before
Hbr 1:1DiversVarious
Hbr 1:3PersonSubstance
Hbr 2:11SanctifiethExpiateth
Hbr 4:8JesusJoshua
Jam 3:13Good conversationConsistent conduct
Jam 3:4Governor listethPilot chooseth
1Pe 2:2SincereUnadulterated
1Pe 3:11EschewAvoid
1Pe 3:11EnsuePursue
2Pe 3:12Hastening untoEarnestly desiring
2Pe 3:9SlackSlow
1Jo 2:17LustDesire
1Jo 2:20UnctionAnointing
1Jo 5:6, 8, 9WitnessTestimony
Rev 1:13CandlestickLamps
Rev 21:19GarnishedAdorned

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