Symbolic Language used in the Old and New Testaments
Jer 3:8, 9; 5:7AdulteryIdolatry
Rev 1:20; 2:1, etc.AngelMessenger, hence minister
Psa 10:15; Eze 30:21, etc.ArmPower
Job 6:4ArrowsJudgments
Rev 17:18BabylonRome
Dan 7:17BeastA tyrannical heathen monarch
Job 30:30; Joe 2:6BlackAffliction—anguish
Isa 29:18; Rom 11:25BlindnessIgnorance
Isa 34:3; Eze 32:6BloodSlaughter—depth
Job 18:15; Rev 14:10BrimstoneDesolation—torments
Rev 21:9BrideThe Church of God
Jhn 3:29BridegroomChrist wedded to his Church
Psa 22:12, etc.BullsViolent enemies
Rev 2:1CandlestickChurch
Psa 68:17, etc.ChariotsHeavenly hosts
Jam 1:12; Rev 2:10CrownVictory—reward
Psa 23:5CupDivine Blessings
Isa 51:17CupDivine Judgments
Jer 2:31; Amo 4:13; Rom 13:12DarknessMisery—adversity—ignorance
Isa 34:8, etc.; Rev 2:10, etc.; 1Th 5:5, etc.DayAn indefinite time—a prophetic year—gospel period
Mat 15:26; Rev 22:15; Psa 22:16DogsGentiles—impure persons—persecutors
1Cr 16:9DoorAn opening
Rev 12:9DragonSatan
Isa 29:9DrunkennessEffects of divine judgments
Rev 6:12, etc.EarthquakesRevolutions
Pro 15:3, etc.EyesKnowledge
Psa 34:16, etc.FaceThe divine favor
Jer 5:28FatAbundance
Isa 42:25, etc.FireJudgments
Rev 7:3, etc.ForeheadA public profession
Jer 11:4FurnaceAffliction
Rev 3:4, etc.GarmentsOutward appearance
Psa 147:13GatesPower—security
Job 12:18GirdlesStrength
Mat 25:33GoatsWicked persons
Eze 38:2; 39:11; Rev 20:8Gog and MagogGod's enemies
Rev 8:7GrassThe lower orders, opposed to trees, the higher orders
Rev 11:19HailDivine vengeance
Psa 18:35; 73:23Hand, rightProtection—support
Eze 8:1Hand of the LordDivine influence
Joe 3:13, etc.HarvestA time of destruction
Eph 1:22, etc.HeadRule or ruler
Isa 13:13; Hag 2:6, 21HeavensPolitical or ecclesiastical governments
Zec 10:3HorseWar and conquest
Mat 5:6Hunger and thirstSpiritual desires
Rev 5:8IncensePrayer
Psa 122:6JerusalemChurch of God
Hbr 12:22, etc.JerusalemThe heavenly state
Rev 1:18KeysPower and authority
1Ki 15:4; Psa 132:17LampA successor or offspring
Est 8:16LightJoy—prosperity
Isa 8:20; Eph 5:8, etc.LightKnowledge—bitterness
Moon [see Sun]
Zec 4:7; Isa 2:2MountainsA state—Christ's Church
Rom 16:25, etc.MysteryNot a thing unintelligible, but never before made plain
Rev 3:17NakedIn the sinful state of nature
Isa 21:12; Rev 21:25NightAdversity—affliction—ignorance
Isa 2:13OaksMen of rank and power
Psa 23:5; 92:10, etc.OilAbundance—fertility—joy
Rev 7:9PalmsVictory
Luk 23:43; Rev 2:7ParadiseHeaven
Psa 18:2RockA secure refuge
2:9, etc.;Job 9:34, etc.RodAuthority—correction
Col 4:6, etc.; Deu 29:23SaltPurity—barrenness
Isa 51:10Sea in commotionAn army
Sgs 4:12; Isa 29:11SealSecurity—secrecy
Gen 3:1, etc.; 2Cr 11:3; Rev 12:9SerpentThe devil
Jhn 10:11, 16, etc.SheepChrist's disciples
Nah 3:18; Eze 34:2, etc.ShepherdsRules, civil or ecclesiastical
Psa 84:9; Eph 6:16ShieldDefence—protection
1Th 4:14SleepDeath
Isa 1:6, etc.SoresSpiritual maladies
Num 24:17, etc.StarA prince or ruler
Joe 2:31, etc.Sun, moon, and starsThe various governors in a state
Isa 34:5; Eze 21:3, etc.SwordWar and slaughter
Deu 28:13TailSubjection—degradation
Pro 30:14TeethCruelty
Gen 41:40, etc.ThroneKingdom or government
Jer 4:31; Gal 4:19TravailAnguish—anxiety
Zec 11:2TreesThe great and noble
Psa 80:8, etc.VineThe Church of God
Isa 5:1, etc.VineyardThe Church of God
Eze 3:17Watch-towerThe Prophets
Psa 69:1; Isa 8:7, etc.; 55:1WatersAfflictions—multitudes—ordinances
Dan 9:24WeekSeven years
Rev 12:6WildernessAfflicted state
Isa 27:8; Jer 51:1WindJudgments—destructive war
Isa 25:6; 55:1, etc.; Psa 60:3, etc.WineSpiritual blessings—divine judgments
Isa 63:3; Rev 14:19WinepressSlaughter
Psa 17:8, etc.WingsProtection
Isa 11:6; 65:25WolvesFurious, ungodly persons
Eze 26:2, 3WomanCity, or body politie
Rev 12:1WomanThe Church of Christ
Deu 28:48; Mat 11:29, 30; Lam 3:27YokeLabor-restraint

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