The Discourses in Acts of the Apostles
# Discourse Reference
1. Peter's Discourse on Pentecost. Act 2:14-39
2. Peter's Sermon on Solomon's Porch. Act 3:12-26
3. Peter's Address before the Sanhedrim. Act 4:8-12
4. Stephen's Defence. Act 7:1-53
5. The First Sermon to the Gentiles. Act 10:35-43
6. Peter's Defence before the Church. Act 11:5-18
7. Paul's Address at Antioch. Act 13:17-41
8. Paul's Address in Athens. Act 17:22-31
9. Paul's Address to the Ephesian Elders. Act 20:18-35
10. Paul's Defence in the Temple. Act 22:3-21
11. Paul's Address before Felix. Act 24:10-21
12. Paul's Address before Agrippa. Act 26:2-29
13. Paul's Address to the Jews at Rome. Act 28:23-28

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